About Us

Who We Serve

Businesses and private customers use our one-stop shop, high quality and expertise to provide quick and reliable solution.

What We Do

Through a unique combination of design, fabrication, installation and repair G8tech enables reliable, cost saving service in everything from day-to-day maintenance to long-term building or construction investments.

What We Deliver

Design + Fabrication + Installation + Repair.

These cross-functional solutions provide an end-to-end problem-solving platform that enables our customers to receive all services in our one-stop shop.

Who We Employ

Our team includes professionals and specialists with broad, comprehensive experience in design, manufacture, electrical automation and installation.

From small repairs to customised projects our clients at every level can benefit from our high quality solutions.

Our Expertise

In today’s business and private security world, access needs to be reliable and risk adverse, a high quality provider is crucial to making the best possible decision.


As a premium provider of these solutions, G8tech understands the concern that goes into every decision. We place great importance on reliability and quality to meet the requests and needs of our customers.


G8tech is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a positive customer experience.